What the Cell!?

FONBOOTH [phone.booth]. The necessary new fixture that holds your cell phone for the moments you need to be hands free (gasp!). From hotels to hospitals, restaurants to residences, stadiums to schools, port-a-potties to planes, we're introducing a clean, safe space to stash your phone.

Meet our Founders

The saying goes that some of life's best ideas come to you in the bathroom and that's the FONBOOTH story. Formerly known as the Hitched Girls in DC, Carin and Julia created and ran the always popular Hitched bridal salon in Georgetown. 

With traditional graduate school degrees (Carin a Yale MBA and Julia a Georgetown JD), their famed boutique was best known for its customer focus and innovative sales. After ten years of running their beloved shop, Carin and Julia sold Hitched, regenerated for a few months and searched for their next big adventure. 

For Carin, necessity bred invention while on a resort vacation with family. With only a bathing suit, cover up and cell, her visits to the poolside bathrooms became a challenge. No bag and wet floors, meant there was no good place to put her phone when visiting the 

bathroom. The lightbulb went off and a quick brainstorm call to Julia ensued. By the time Carin returned from vacation, both heads were buzzing with ideas and next steps. 

Julia Kepniss & Carin Levine

Let's face it, Americans are addicted to their phones - 75% of us admit to bringing cellphones into bathroom and nearly 25% of Americans admit to having their cellphones take the toilet plunge at least once. The struggle is real, but FONBOOTH is here to change that one stall at a time.  With a vision of a FONBOOTH in every washroom worldwide, watch out world Carin and Julia are coming for you!